If you stand on a scale in an elevator accelerating upward, you feel heavier because the elevator's floor presses harder on your feet, and the scale will show a higher reading than when the elevator is at rest. On the other hand, when the elevator accelerates downward, you feel lighter.
Define counterweight. counterweight synonyms, counterweight pronunciation, counterweight translation, English dictionary definition of counterweight. n. 1. A weight used as a counterbalance. 2. A force or influence equally counteracting another. coun′ter·weight′ed adj. American Heritage® Dictionary of the...

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A space elevator is conceived as a cable fixed to the equator and reaching into space. A counterweight at the upper end keeps the center of mass well above geostationary orbit level. This produces enough upward centrifugal force from Earth's rotation to fully counter the downward gravity, keeping the cable upright and taut.
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(a) Calculate the work done on a 1500-kg elevator car by its cable to lift it 40.0 m at constant speed, assuming friction averages 100 N. (b) What is the work done on the lift by the gravitational force in this process?
A 54kg boy is standing in an elevator. Find the force on the boy's feet when the elevator. stands still; moves downward at a constant velocity of 3 m/s; decelerates downward with at 4.0 m/s 2, decelerates upward withat 2.0 m/s 2.

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When the elevator is going up, though, you are accelerating, which adds more force to the scale and increases your apparent weight. When the elevator is going down, the same is true, but the acceleration is negative, subtracting force from the scale and decreasing your apparent weight. How to Draw Force Diagrams (PDF) Elevator Physics
Imagine this: you’re in high school and you’re on your way to math class. You hop on the escalator, then walk the rest of the way to your classroom.

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b What changes is the weight mg of the elevator 2 2 28 000 N 2200 kg1 62 ms 11 from PHYS 1230 at University Of Connecticut
Find elevator counterweight stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day.

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This physics video tutorial explains how to find the normal force on a scale in a typical elevator problem. It discusses how to calculate the apparent weigh...

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Resources for physics students & teachers. The problem with changing the temperature of the wire is that if you use a water bath you may have to wind the wire on to Secondly your teacher will no doubt place a limit on the size of the throwing arm/counterweight or the projectile.
Time history response of an elevator rail and counterweight model is studied using numerical and experimental methods. Beam finite elements are used to model the rail and the counterweight.

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Problem Statement: A little girl of mass m is standing on a bathroom scale inside an elevator. Determine which “weight” the scale will indicate in the following situations: When the elevator goes up with an acceleration of magnitude a. When the elevator goes down with an acceleration of magnitude a. When the elevator is at rest.
whereas the counterweight Will accelerate upward. The magnitudes Of their accelerations will be equal (we assume the cable doesn't stretch). For the counterweight, mcg = (1000 m/s2) = 9800 N, so Fr must be greater than 9800 N (in order that mc will accelerate upward). For the elevator, DIE g (1150 m/s2) — 11,300 N, which must have greater magnitude

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Introductory Physics Homework Help. Elevator + Counterweight problem Thread starter rpike; Start date Aug 1, 2015; Aug 1, 2015 #1 rpike. 2 0. Homework Statement
Thus, the total acceleration of the elevator car and counterweight, in accordance with Newton’s second law of motion, is equal to the sum of the forces acting on each part of the system divided by the total mass of the system. Otis’s elevator design is an application of one class of simple machines called pulleys.

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A 1912 gold birdcage Otis elevator in a five-story office building in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado, has been operated for the past 12 years by 60-year-old Gary Wallace, office manager. The elevator, built the same year as the office building, has become an attraction in itself, The Gazette reports. Wallace, who says the unit “always…
Apr 24, 2017 · The spindle is attached to the elevator by a steel cable, and tracks along the side of the elevator make sure that it goes up and down in a straight line. A counter weight balances the elevator to make it easier to pull up. As the elevator goes up, the cable wraps around the spool, and as it lowers, the cable gets unwound from the spool.
Nov 04, 2009 · A fully loaded, slow-moving freight elevator has a cab with a total mass of 1250 kg, which is required to travel upward 58 m in 3.4 min, starting and ending at rest. The elevator's counterweight has a mass of only 1005 kg, and so the elevator motor must help. What average power is required of the force the motor exerts on the cab via the cable? __________W
Apr 26, 2012 · There are several space elevator concepts that are being examined but each must work within the same physics framework and deal with the same problems. We will examine the basic physics, and the constraints that drive the design and operation of a space elevator. Topics will include the cable material, length, counterweight and taper, system power, and operational hazards such as low-Earth objects, terrestrial weather, atomic oxygen damage, radiation damage, and oscillations.
Elevator(s) shall be provided where shown on the drawings. Work: The work shall include, but not be limited to the following for Elevators . 1. An electric traction passenger elevator(s), complete with electrically operated geared traction machine, overspeed safety, overspeed governor, brakes, buffers...

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